August 8, 2012
What’s New/Ongoing Vocalist Search

Hey everyone,
The past few months have been extremely quiet here in the Passagemaker camp. We received an incredible initial response on the two demo tracks that we had posted, and a big thanks goes out to anyone who took the time to check those out. We also got an overwhelming amount of inquiries about the open lead singer position and spent about a month sorting through all of the tracks that people submitted. We received a number of great audition tracks from many skilled vocalists, but none of the auditions successfully captured the vibe that we envision for Passagemaker. With that said, we made the choice to be patient and see if we would come across someone who is the right fit rather than trying to force something that we ultimately knew wouldn’t be what we wanted in the long run.
We have been limited to the amount of time that we can invest in the band right now because Matt and I have been working full time this summer and Chris and Conor have been on tour. Recently though, we have been working on writing and recording vocals over the existing songs in an attempt to prepare for another more strategic push to find a singer.

I don’t think that we had clearly laid out exactly what kind of voice we are looking for when we first posted that we were searching for a singer. To be more clear, we are looking for someone who has a raw approach, but maintains maxiumum control of his voice and is either a baritone or a lower register tenor. E.g. Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), Jesse Lacey (Brand New), most 90’s grunge, etc. The ability to scream is a plus, although not required. What we are NOT looking for is a flashy, well-refined voice (Johnny Craig). The ability to write lyrics and melodies is also a plus, but is not required. Basically, we are looking for someone who can convey a lot of emotion and still stay on pitch. Confidence is also a big characteristic that we are seeking in a singer.
This is where Passagemaker stands for the time being. I thought it would be a good idea to put it out there that while we have been inactive for the last few months, we are not dead. In fact, I can promise that we will probably be more active in the next few months than we have ever been, since we are all growing impatient with the state of the band. Again, if you are interested in trying out for the vocalist position, please contact us via email or Facebook and we will set up an audition. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to come in the future!

February 26, 2012
Vocalist search

Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our music and our blog! Our goals for the blog are to help those who enjoy our music get to know the band members and to keep tabs on what the band is up to. So without further ado, I will get right to the point of where we are currently!

Passagemaker began as the brainchild of Chris and myself this past summer, and we have been working on writing and recording material since July. We have finally arrived at a point where we feel like we are ready to take the next step and share the music we’ve been writing with our friends (you). It was a no-brainer to call upon our good friends Conor and Matt to fill the openings on bass and guitar, respectively, but finding a singer has proved to be a much more difficult task. This is where we need your help!

We are currently having open auditions in an attempt to find a talented vocalist who shares and can contribute to the creative vision of Passagemaker. Before you consider emailing us to schedule a tryout, please review the criteria below. An ideal singer for Passagemaker should:

  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be able to practice once a week
  • Have a flexible work schedule
  • Be able to contribute to the band financially when needed
  • Have an engaging but easy-going personality as well as a sense of moral decency 
  • Be passionate about music

If you think you or anyone else possesses these attributes, please contact us via email at We can then set up an audition time that is suitable for both parties. Auditions will be conducted at Chris’ studio in Oxford, PA. Please come to the audition with something prepared for both of the demo tracks (you do not have to write for the full songs, but just enough that the band can get a feel for what you can do vocally). You can be assured that the audition will be laid back and in a comfortable environment. Again, we encourage anyone who thinks that they would be a good fit for the band to please contact us!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and if you yourself are not interested in trying out, we would be greatly appreciative if you would take the time to pass this on to others you know who might be interested. We will be sure to keep you updated on the vocalist search and any other band news in the upcoming months!


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